As an international student, you will be excited to discover the vibrant academic culture in the Netherlands! Here are a few key things to keep in mind that will help you successfully navigate your studies and prepare yourself for an exciting academic experience!


First, the Dutch educational system enables students to be responsible for their own education. Sometimes professors expect you to take charge of your learning and get the tools and encouragement you need to succeed.

Critical and Open attitude

One of the things about Dutch academic culture is the focus on critical thinking and open debate. In the classroom, you have the opportunity to challenge assumptions, ask questions, and engage in lively discussions with your fellow students and professors.  In the Netherlands, you can look forward to direct and honest communication. If you are open-minded and willing to engage, you are sure to feel at home in this dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment!


In addition, the Dutch higher education system values collaboration and teamwork as important aspects. Working closely with your fellow students on group-based assignments and projects can be a great opportunity to learn and grow by supporting each other.

Work-Life Balance

It's good to know that the Dutch value a healthy work-life balance. You will have the opportunity to combine your studies with hobbies, social contacts, and other activities that you enjoy. Utrecht is a vibrant city with countless opportunities for cultural exploration and leisure activities.

We are confident that you will find the academic culture in the Netherlands to be unique and exciting, and we believe it will be a rewarding and enriching experience for you. As you begin your academic journey at Utrecht University, remember that your proactive, engaged, and open-minded approach will lead you to succeed in this dynamic and stimulating environment.