⚠ Please note that if you have not found housing before the start of your studies, we advise you to reconsider your decision to study in Utrecht

The availability of student housing in Utrecht is limited and in high demand. As a student, you yourself are responsible for arranging your housing. We urge you to take the housing situation into account as part of your decision to study in Utrecht. On this page you can find information on what to expect and ways to find housing.

1. Know what to expect

Because the Netherlands faces a shortage of all types of housing, finding accommodation takes a lot of time and effort. It is important to read up on what you can expect before you start your search:

2. Ways to find housing

The student housing market is very competitive. It is important to spread your chances and to familiarise yourself with the various ways to search for housing such as reserved housing, housing providers, platforms and agencies.

3. During your search

Searching for Dutch student housing has its own typicalities. We have collected do's & don'ts, locations to include, how to avoid scams, and other tips to help you deal with things you may encounter during your search for housing.