Typical Dutch student housing

Student housing in the Netherlands may be different from what you are used to. On this page you can find more information on what you can expect. 

Dutch student housing: What's it like

Dutch universities do not own student housing. Instead, this is offered by private home owners and housing providers. Because of this, student housing is diverse and located all over Utrecht and surrounding towns.

Living with housemates

If you live in student housing with shared facilities, the number of housemates may range from 1 to 10+, and student houses may be single or mixed gender. The landlord is rarely involved with practical matters like cleaning and furnishings. It is common to arrange such matters yourself or together with your housemates.

Searching for a new housemate

Existing tenants mostly get to search for a new housemate themselves. This is usually arranged in direct student-to-student contact and with a group viewing. Because of this, chances of finding housing are low if a parent or caregiver searches for housing on your behalf.

Common types of student housing

Uncommon types of student housing

  • Shared room

    Shared student rooms with two beds are not common in the Netherlands. Students usually rent a private room or private studio.

  • Couples housing

    It is difficult to find student housing as a couple. Student housing (rooms and studios) usually only allow one tenant. 

  • Apartments

    Landlords and housing providers usually prefer to rent out apartments to working professionals, rather than one or more students.

Student housing: practical matters

Some housing matters may be arranged differently in the Netherlands than you are used to, or you may have never lived on your own before. Here are some practical matters you should take into account: