Locations to include

Broaden your search to increase your chances

Many students want to live in Utrecht, and areas such as the historic city centre are in high demand. Because of this, Dutch and international students quite often choose to live in neighboring towns, municipalities or cities.

Most neighbouring towns are within cycling distance, but they also have good access to public transport via train, tram and/or bus services. Overall, broadening your search by also considering accommodation outside Utrecht can seriously increase your chances of finding housing.

Towns, cities and areas to include in your search

Get around by bike

UCIS_Internationale betrekkingen
Photographer Humphrey Daniƫls

The Dutch government cares for safe cycling tracks separated from the road. This makes the Netherlands a bike-friendly country. Because cycling is a healthy, affordable and sustainable method of travelling, many students living in the surrounding municipalities and towns prefer to commute to the city and the university by bicycle. No matter the weather!

Public transport

Artist impression van de tramlijn (Foto: Uithoflijn)

The towns, cities and municipalities in the surrounding Utrecht area have a good bus, tram and/or train connection. If you expect to frequently travel with public transport in the Netherlands, it could pay off to take out a discount subscription with the Dutch train service, or the Dutch bus, tram and metro services.

Approx. travel time from Utrecht Central Station by tram or train

5 - 10 minutes

Bunnik, Houten, Bilthoven, Maarssen, Driebergen, Woerden

15 - 20 minutes

Utrecht Science Park, Nieuwegein, Amersfoort CS, Hilversum CS, Gouda, Culemborg

30 - 35 minutes

Amsterdam CS, Arnhem CS, 's Hertogenbosch

35 - 40 minutes

Rotterdam CS, The Hague CS

To get a sense of the travel time to other areas you can also consult the website for Dutch public transportation