Health and safety

Of course we hope that your stay in the Netherlands will be without any problems regarding your health or safety. And most likely this will be the case. However, should you need any medical assistance or emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade), here is some useful information.

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In case of emergency

Ambulance, police or fire brigade

Call 112 (this is the general European emergency number


For police matters that are not an emergency call 0900-8844

Utrecht University Security

Call 030-253 4444 or call 4444 from a campus phone.

Find care

Most people in the Netherlands have a General Practitioner (GP) or family physician (huisarts in Dutch). This is your first point of contact for matters regarding your healthcare. Your GP can provide referrals to all specialists and to a hospital if necessary. 

General Practitioner (GP)

GP's in Utrecht via health care for internationals

The GP on Utrecht Science park

Dentist, pharmacy etc.

Find a GP, dentist, pharmacy etc. via Zorgkaart Nederland (in Dutch) by filling in your postal code.

GP during the weekend or at night

Go to a GP Urgent Care Center (Huisartsenpost) or call 0900-4501450 

Useful Dutch terms
  • Family Physician/General Practitioner = Huisarts
  • Dentist = Tandarts
  • Pharmacy = Apotheek
  • Hospital = Ziekenhuis
  • Emergency Room = Eerste Hulp
  • GP Urgent Care Center = Huisartsenpost

Make sure to always carry proof of health insurance with you, because you will need it whenever you use one of the health services in the Netherlands.

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