On this page you can find more information on the various insurances that are either required or recommended for your stay in the Netherlands. Make sure to read the information carefully and prior to your departure.

Health insurance

You must carry health insurance throughout your stay in the Netherlands. Medical costs are high, so make sure your health insurance covers the Dutch tariffs. To give you an example, one day in hospital can cost up to €1300, not including the cost of treatment. 

Take in account that you must have an adequate health insurance to obtain a Visa or Residence Permit

Also in case you would like to work during your studies, the Dutch 'basisverzekering' is required.

Student insurance packages

If you are not required to take out a health care basisverzekering, you can apply for an insurance package offered by a private company for 39 euros per month. AON offers an insurance package for international students. This insurance package covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Extraordinary costs
  • Legal aid
  • Accidents
  • Liability
  • Baggage cover 
  • Household goods

We strongly recommend that you apply for this insurance. You can find more information about the coverage and conditions on the AON website.

Personal liability insurance

Personal liability insurance is not compulsory but strongly recommended. It insures you against costs incurred if you cause damage to someone else or their possessions (for example: if you cause a traffic accident with your bicycle or as a pedestrian). You may be able to arrange such insurance prior to arrival in the Netherlands (in combination with your health insurance). Otherwise it will have to wait until you are here. Personal liability is included in the student insurance packages.

Fire and theft insurance

This insurance is not obliged, but most Dutch people have a fire and theft insurance. You can insure your personal belongings such as audiovisual equipment, cd´s, books, jewelry, clothing etc. against theft from a locked space and fire and water damage. The premium depends on the value of your personal belongings.

Other insurances

Don’t forget to apply for a good travel insurance before departure and check your car insurance if applicable.