Teacher development

Whether you’re a veteran teacher or just started today, Utrecht University offers a wide selection of courses and programmes at a variety of levels. The UU selection of teacher development education is available here.  

The CAT, Educate-it and Educational Development & Training (O&T) offer a selection of workshops, webinars and online modules for teachers. Educate-it’s selection is geared specifically towards how you as a teacher can strengthen your education or (re)design it using digital technology. Educate-it offers workshops, webinars and online modules about blended learning, hybrid learning, remote education, knowledge clips and much more. Click here for the current selection and calendar of workshops and webinars offered by CAT. 

You can also contact us for didactic advice and customised training. That includes personal guidance from one of our didactic consultants, brainstorming sessions at section- or department meetings, or bespoke workshops for your faculty. If you need personal advice, a customised workshop or a revision of a course element, please feel free to contact Educate-it via Teaching Support.