Programmatic testing

Programmatic testing integrates learning and evaluation and provides insight into the student’s personal development. It provides insight into the student’s personal development, which gives the teacher information about the quality of the course. Meaningful feedback and reflection are essential to this process.

What value does it add for the curriculum?

At the moment, the successful completion of a course is dependent on the result of a single exam, so much potentially valuable information unfortunately goes unused. A programmatic approach to testing may be a solution. Such an approach fits well within the Utrecht Education Model, where the focus lies on personal, activating education in which the student bears responsibility for his/her own development.

Programmatic assessments should be used by the entire study programme, not an individual teacher. If you have ideas on how to use programmatic assessment, talk about it with your study programme colleagues. For the next steps and more information about programmatic assessment, please feel free to contact Educate-it via Teaching support.