Research & Experiences

Educate-it works with teachers to evaluate all of the innovation projects and education innovations for their added value for the quality of education. We do so in a variety of ways:

  • Case studies using CIMO logic
  • Student and teacher’s experiences with teaching tools
  • Longitudinal research into teachers’ willingness to change

Educate-it offers teachers a wide range of IT tools that other UU teachers have tested for the value they add to a variety of education purposes. The programme’s activities are evidence-informed to the greatest possible extent. By sharing research results and the experiences of fellow teachers with innovating and strengthening their education, UU teachers can decide for themselves how they would like to strengthen their own education. This bottom-up approach, where educational innovation is demand-driven rather than imposed from above, ensures that lecturers remain the owners of their own teaching practice.

TAUU Teacher Community

Share your experience of teaching tools and innovation with colleagues! In the teacher community TAUU (Teaching Academy Utrecht University) you can ask colleagues for tips, or share your own experiences in education.