Extended Reality

XR technologies are considered promising technologies for learning. They offer endless possibilities to give students a learning experience not normally possible (or hardly possible) in a classroom. The Centre for Academic Teaching & Learning (CAT) investigates the possibilities and preconditions for structurally embedding Extended Reality in the organisation. The project focuses on what is needed to implement and support XR in the future, from an educational, technological and organisational perspective. We collaborate with expert colleagues from UU, UMC Utrecht and SURF.

Experiences of teachers with Extended Reality

Teachers and researchers from various faculties are using XR in their teaching and exploring its learning potential. Curious how you yourself can implement XR in your teaching? Get inspired by the experiences of colleagues:

What is already in place within the university?

The CAT has written a review on the application of AR and VR in education. In addition, many different projects dealing with XR can already be found in an 'inspiration book'.

We share knowledge and experience on XR projects in the Special Interest Group (SIG) XR. This is a community of teachers and experts for sharing teaching and research experiences in the field of Extended Reality and promoting new pedagogical applications and projects. Anyone interested or engaged in XR can join.

Want to know more? Then contact the Extended Reality project leaders via Teaching Support. The CAT has twenty VR glasses at its disposal. Visit this page if you want to make use of the VR glasses.