Blended learning

The education offered at Utrecht University is high-quality and constantly in development. To constantly improve the quality of our education and adapt to current and future developments, Utrecht University will continue to invest in blended learning as a teaching concept, in accordance with the Utrecht Teaching Model. Blended learning integrates contact teaching and online learning in a way that the two approaches reinforce each other. Teaching tools like knowledge clips and e-learning modules are not simply tacked on to the curriculum, but rather replace traditional forms of in-person education and self-study where appropriate. Educate-it supports teachers and students in adapting their education to this concept. In the process, Educate-it believes that teachers should remain the owner of their own education.

Educate-it also supports other innovative teaching formats, such as Challenge-Based Learning, hybrid education and online education. These teaching formats are explained in more detail below.

Utrecht Teaching model

Education is the core activity at Utrecht University, so the university has invested considerable time and money in education over the years. Teachers are encouraged to innovate and improve their education, and to make their work more challenging. Students are also offered a challenging study climate suitable for their ambitions and talents. This educational environment is based on the Utrecht Teaching Model, which has already achieved several successes, such as lower dropout rates in the first year, students who get more out of their studies, and higher completion rates. Students and employees at Utrecht University all use the model in their work and studies.