Examples and inspiration

Inspiring knowledge clips

Ralph Meulenbroeks, Faculty of Science, Medical Imaging 1: Radioactivity (example of a knowledge clip recorded in the studio of the Teaching and Learning Lab).
Carlo Giordano, Faculty of Humanities, Italian Grammar: Superlativo (example of a knowledge clip recorded in the Humanities studio).
Kila van der Starre and Hans Schuurman, Faculty of Humanities, video commissioned by the Language Union and Utrecht University (example of a knowledge clip recorded on location).

Inspiring animations

Pharmacy course, Faculty of Science, 'Doing an internship in a pharmacy? (example of an animation).
Marjolein Haagsman, Faculty of Science, Gene Mapping (example of a self-made animation).

Knowledge clips made by students

Knowledge clips made by students of the Master Public Science Communication (Bekijk hier de andere video's: https://teachinglearninglab.nl/2017/04/27/kennisclips-public-science-communication/).

TAUU Community

Share your experiences creating animations or knowledge clips with your colleagues! The teacher community TAUU (Teaching Academy Utrecht University) is a perfect place to ask colleagues for tips or share your own experiences using video in education.