Future Learning Spaces

In the Learning Spaces project, Educate-it studies the requirements and preconditions for realising Utrecht University’s ambition and educational vision for the learning environment, in collaboration with experts from throughout the university. The project also aims to bring together the various initiatives and experiences gained so far. This will create a valuable source of information and formulate the requirements for a future-proof design of various types of classrooms. 

The increased use of activating and blended education challenges teachers and students to change how they utilise the physical learning environment in face-to-face education. Several faculties are already experimenting with new classroom layouts, such as the Active Learning Classroom, Virtual Classroom and Teaching & Learning Lab. But more research is needed to make the on-location learning environments future-proof.



De uitkomsten van de projectteams worden getoetst en aangehouden tegen de ervaringsdeskundigen van de Special Interest Group Learning Spaces. Heb je zelf ook ideeën voor het aanpassen van je onderwijsruimte aan je onderwijsvorm? Of wil je jouw ervaringen met innovatieve onderwijsruimtes delen met anderen? Neem dan vooral contact op met fls@uu.nl Educate-it om samen de mogelijkheden te verkennen.

Do you have ideas on how to adjust your classroom to suit a particular teaching format? Or would you like to share your experiences with innovative classrooms with others?

Then please feel free to contact the Future Learning Spaces project team via Teaching Support to explore the possibilities available.