The Educate-it Toolwijzer helps teachers find the right tool for their teaching goals, such as creating an activating curriculum, integrating (peer)feedback, or learning skills. 

The selection of tools are presented in a clear and easy to understand way based on a variety of teaching-related themes, to help teachers choose the best tool for the job. Each tool includes a brief description, tips for using the tool, and user experiences. The Toolwijzer also features user manuals to help you get started using tools in your curriculum right away.

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Do you want to integrate a tool within the digital learning environment? For example, by linking it to Blackboard or another system? On the page about tool integration requests, you will find more information about this process.

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An overview of the license duration and status of all online tools can be found in this overview.

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Do you have a good idea or an improvement wish regarding one of Educate-it's educational tools? Please fill out the form below to register an improvement wish.

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Do you have a great idea to innovate education, but do you need help to fully produce it? Apply for an education project with the support of Educate-it.