Digital learning environment

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) project investigates how the digital learning environment of the future might look at Utrecht University. The project is an initiative by Educate-it, in collaboration with the ITS department (Information and Technology Services). The project focuses on what is needed to provide optimal support to future education with digital tooling from educational, organisational and technological perspectives. To Utrecht University, the DLE of the future is a digital ecosystem consisting of various educational tools and services that work seamlessly together to support students and lecturers in their educational activities.

Digital learning environment principles

The digital learning environment:

  • supports personal, motivating and small-scale education as described in the Utrecht education model, and it supports both blended and online education.
  • is user-friendly and has a contemporary look-and-feel.
  • complies with the most current security and privacy requirements, so the data and users’ details are well-protected.
  • consists of a variety of tools and services that are coordinated with one another to share data and access.
  • generates data (Learning Analytics) that UU teachers can use to optimally support and guide students to gain more insight into their learning process, and to adapt to it.
  • must be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs and preferences of the users (students and lecturers), based on new insights gained from educational research or new technological possibilities.

Would you like to know more? If so, feel free to contact the DLE project coordinator via Teaching Support.