Getting started

Every faculty has a Remindo key user to help teachers create and administer assessments using Remindo. We also have an informative support site, where teachers can find a wealth of easy-to-read information about using Remindo for exams.

Go to the supportsite

Would you like to know more about which assessment format best suits your course? Or how to design, compile and administer good questions and exams, then evaluate and analyse the results? If so, consider using one of our online modules about assessment.

Go to the online assessment modules

If the assessment has already been scheduled as a written exam in one of the Educatorium exam locations, then the scheduler can still convert it into a digital exam up to two weeks before the assessment date. Follow the steps below to administer a digital assessment using Remindo.

Step 1

The teacher contacts the faculty Remindo key user. Please note: steps 1 and 2 are reversed for the Faculty of Science. Click here for more information.

Step 2

The teacher asks the faculty scheduler to schedule a digital assessment. Please note: steps 1 and 2 are reversed for the Faculty of Science. Click here for more information. 

Step 3

The Central Scheduling Office reports back on whether the assessment can be administered digitally.

Step 4

The teacher fills in the intake form together with the faculty Remindo key user. They can then discuss the functionalities available in Remindo.

Step 5

The key user creates an environment specifically for the course or period in Remindo.

Step 6

The key user informs the teacher about the support site and sends relevant documents for the exam.