Hybrid education

At Utrecht University we define hybrid education as: education in which students on location (on-campus) and remote students (online) simultaneously take part in the education.

The principles of hybrid education at Utrecht University are:

  • Strive to offer qualitatively equivalent education for both student groups​
  • All students and the teacher should be able to interact with each other​ by seeing and hearing each other. This stimulates a feeling of community. ​

Tips for hybrid education

Lecture rooms for hybrid teaching

Multiple lecture rooms have been equipped for hybrid education. More information about these classrooms you can find on intranet. For teaching in these classrooms a manual has been developed, with practical and didactical steps to take for the teacher as well as the students.

We advise lecturers who want help with hybrid education to reserve a seminar room on Bolognalaan (at the USP), because support at this location is available. This on-site support also applies to the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) studios on the Bolognalaan, where you can record a lecture or knowledge clip. Such a studio is equipped with professional recording equipment, almost soundproof, and completely ready for use. You can book these via Resourcebooker.

Standard lecture rooms

In the standard lecture rooms a webcam and microphone have been installed. You can find more information on the following pages:

Future Learning Spaces

In the Future Learning Spaces project, together with lecturers and students, innovative spaces are being developed that focus on active, student-centred learning. Four spaces have been given the designation Future Learning Space:

- (Hybrid) Active Learning Classroom  
- Virtual Classroom  
- Teaching & Learning Lab, large room
- Teaching&Learning Lab, small room

All these rooms are suitable for hybrid education.