New international staff orientation

New employees at Utrecht University are invited to attend an orientation session for new employees. Both the Executive Board and the Faculty Boards feel it's important that all new staff members should participate, in order to help colleagues to bond and get to know the University.

You are now part of a large community of Utrecht University staff. Our size brings many benefits but it may make it a little difficult for colleagues to bond. In order to become more acquainted with each other and with the university as an employer, the Executive Board invites you to come to an orientation meeting. There, we will discuss questions such as: what are the responsibilities of the university? What are the values of the university and what kind of ambitions does the university have for the future? The meeting also offers participants the opportunity to ask questions to one of the members of the Executive Board.

Some Faculties host additional Faculty-based orientation sessions, which are designed to introduce new staff to their work environment. The orientation sessions are held several times a year, at the University Hall of Utrecht University.

Extra session for internationals

Being an international employee at Utrecht University might leave you with different questions and challenges than a local would face. In addition to the regular New Staff Orientation Session, we organise an extra 'Warm Welcome' session for new international employees in which you will receive practical information as well as cultural insights on the Dutch work environment.

More information

For information about Faculty-based orientation events, please contact the HR Department of your Faculty or Service Department.

Meetup opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities within the University for staff to meet and socialise:

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