Getting around

Many people in Utrecht ride a bicycle to go from A to B within the city. A bike is often the easiest and fastest way to your destination.

Utrecht also has an excellent public transport network that covers all of the city, connecting the inner city with Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof, the suburbs and the Utrecht region.


On a daily basis, over 100,000 cyclists ride their bikes through Utrecht’s city centre to go to work, study or home. The municipality of Utrecht aims to become the most bike-friendly city in the world, and they’re well on their way.

Bicycle parking

Utrecht has indoor bicycle parking facilities that you can use for free for the first 24 hours, and for a small fee after that. Also, the university offers free parking facilities for staff, at or near university locations. 

Public transport (OV)

To be able to use public transport in the Netherlands you need an OV-chipcard. It's a rechargeable card, valid on all trains, buses, trams and metro. Read more about the public transport system and OV-chipcard.


Use or Google maps to plan your journey by bus.


A tram line runs between Utrecht Central Station and Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof. There is also a tram line connecting the Central Station to the southern part of Utrecht and Nieuwegein. Use or Google maps to plan your journey.


There is a taxi platform at Utrecht Central Station, just follow the signs. Within the city, there are several taxi platforms, for instance at Vredenburg and Janskerkhof. Or you can order a taxi at Utrechtse Taxi Centrale.

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