Leaving Utrecht

At the end of your stay in the Netherlands, you will have to take care of a number of things again. A little reminder of what not to forget.

The most important things to take care of:

  • Inform your Faculty's contact person
    Utrecht University is obliged to inform the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) about the date of your departure. Failing to inform the IND accurately may result in a reprimand for the University. Therefore, please be sure to inform your Faculty contact person of your departure date - especially in case you're leaving the Netherlands before you originally agreed to. The Faculty also needs to register your departure in their administration. 
  • Terminate your rental agreement
    Contact your housing agency or landlord regarding termination of your rental agreement. Note that in many cases a legal notice term is applicable and that short-stay lease agreements may include a non-cancellation clause.
  • Cancel utility services (gas, water, light, cable, internet)
    If applicable: in some cases, the fees are included in your rental agreement.
  • Close your Dutch bank account and cancel automatic payments
    You will have to settle your outstanding balance and close your bank account. This will have to be done in person. If you still expect money transfers, inform your bank of the date on which you wish to close your account and the international bank account for the transference of this money.
  • Deregister with your municipality
    In your municipality, you are registered with the Personal Records Database as a resident. Before you leave, you must deregister with the municipality. Make an appointment with the Civil Affairs Department of your municipality.
  • Terminate subscriptions to telephone providers, magazines, etc.
    Note that in many cases a legal notice term is applicable.
  • Return any library books

Also, have a look at the Dutch government's website: Leaving the Netherlands.

We hope you've had a successful and pleasant stay at Utrecht University and look forward to seeing you again!