The central meeting place of Utrecht University

The Faculty Club is the central meeting place for alumni and staff of Utrecht University. A vibrant meeting place with sparkling gastronomy, fun social activities, substantive debates and a hidden courtyard garden. Discover the Faculty Club of Utrecht University. Located in the heart of university life and in the heart of Utrecht!

The Faculty Club is an academic place for meeting, connecting, exchanging knowledge and inspiration. It is a place where science, culture and business come together, where live music, debate evenings and special meetings alternate, and where you can catch your breath in the beautiful garden. But it is also a great location to work or to meet up for coffee, have a good conversation with a promoter, enjoy a culinary meal with guests, or have an hour of recharging between two appointments in the city. Afterwards, you can enjoy one of our programmes. The Faculty Club is located at the rear of the University Hall in the middle of the city centre of Utrecht, where the only sound you hear from the terrace is the chiming of the Dom bells. 

  • The dazzling heart of the university community

The Faculty Club of...

  • Karin van den Boogaert (alumnus REBO)

    "Why I became a member? Because I believe in face-to-face contact very much; you definitely see that in corona times. It's very important that there is a meeting place (and such a beautiful place, too!) where we can meet each other in an informal atmosphere. That's where the best ideas come about."
    The Faculty Club of Karin
  • De Faculty Club van Joost Dankers

    Joost Dankers (historian Humanities)

    "The Faculty Club is quite something special for guests from outside the university, a place where they wouldn't come otherwise. The old residence of the Dom canons of Utrecht, the centre of power in the Netherlands north of the great rivers. So it's a historical place."
    The Faculty Club of Joost
  • De Faculty Club van Hajo Reijers

    Hajo Reijers (Professor Information Sciences)

    "Utrecht University Hall is such a beautiful place to meet, right in the middle of the historical centre of Utrecht. I love going there to have lunch with a colleague or acquaintance, or have a drink. Especially if that can be done in the garden with beautiful weather, then I feel as happy as a king."
    The Faculty Club of Hajo
  • De Faculty Club van Natalja Macnack

    Natalja Macnack (REBO employee)

    "My fondest memories are of the pleasant lunches with international guests. But I also have fond memories of the successful Midsummernight parties. It's nice to see that the audience is slowly changing in various areas."
    The Faculty Club of Natalja