Travelling to Utrecht

Utrecht University is based in the city of Utrecht, conveniently located in the centre of the country. Utrecht is easy to reach by train, car and bus, and is close to Schiphol Airport.


  • (Amsterdam) Schiphol Airport is the international airport closest to Utrecht. From Schiphol, trains to Utrecht take about 30 minutes and depart every 15 minutes. The train station is situated directly below the airport. 
  • Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands. Getting to Utrecht takes you approximately 1,5 hours, by a combination of bus and train.
Schiphol airport
Een internationale trein
NS trein
From the airport to Utrecht - by train

Dutch trains are fast, safe and easy, and depart frequently until after midnight. Dutch trains don’t have seat reservations, you can board all domestic trains - international trains require a separate supplement.

  • You can buy tickets with your debit or credit card at the yellow ticket machines or at ticket desks. The desk takes cash as well, and some machines accept coins. A single ticket Schiphol-Utrecht in 2nd class costs under 10 euros.
  • There are 2 types of tickets available for Dutch trains – a single-use ticket, and a pre-paid rechargeable chip card, the 'OV-chipkaart' (to use for all types of public transport).
  • It’s important to check in and out at the ticket readers before and after your journey, to validate your ticket.

Helpful websites:

  • Dutch Railways (NS) offers a reliable journey planner and more information about train tickets and various discounts.
  • (website and app): a door-to-door journey planner and information about public transport at the airports and in the big cities.
  • U-OV day ticket is a one, three or five-day ticket for all public transport in the municipality of Utrecht, including Leidsche Rijn and Haarzuilens.
  • Visiting Amsterdam first? Get an Amsterdam Travel Ticket, a multiple-day card for unlimited public transport in Amsterdam.
From the airport to Utrecht - by taxi

A Schiphol Travel Taxi to Utrecht (when pre-booked online) will cost 80 euro, or 40 euro when shared with other passengers. A regular private taxi will easily cost over 100 euros on the meter.

  • On Schiphol, please beware of illegal taxi drivers (often in fluorescent vests) - always go to the official taxi stand yourself, follow the signs.
  • Trains are not only cheaper, they also take the same travel time. When carrying heavy luggage, consider taking a train to Utrecht and getting a local taxi in Utrecht to your accommodation.

International trains

Utrecht Central Station has a direct high-speed train connection with Germany and Switzerland. Amsterdam Central Station is frequented by many international trains, connecting the Netherlands to various cities and airports in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


It takes approximately 30 minutes by train, to travel between Amsterdam and Utrecht. On all days of the week and in both directions, trains depart every 15 minutes until midnight, twice an hour until 1 o’clock and a night train runs hourly between 1 and 6 in the morning.

  • Dutch Railways (NS): timetables, a journey planner for trains and information about tickets and discounts.

Travel within Utrecht

From Utrecht Central Station you can either take a bus or a taxi to your destination. Read more about Getting around in Utrecht or have a look at the campus maps of Utrecht University.