Bringing your partner, children and pets

There is much to think about when you want to bring along your partner and children. Let's get you started.

Perhaps they wish to come over at the same time as you, or they might join you at a later stage. Either way, be sure to mention any such plans to Utrecht University as early as possible. This will allow your HR contact to give you the best advice on how to deal with all the necessary paperwork. The nationality of your partner and/or children will determine which procedure applies to them.

For your partner: Dual Career Services

If your life partner accompanies you and wishes to continue their own career, but needs assistance in building up a new network and/or needs some help adjusting to a new life in Utrecht, Utrecht University's Dual Career Services initiative can help. The aim of Dual Career Services is to expand your life partner's social and/or professional network, as well as to offer various tools and resources that equip them to look for a job in the Netherlands autonomously. This comprises an intake interview at the International Service Desk (ISD), conversations with a coach and help with updating their CV and LinkedIn profile.

Your life partner is eligible for Dual Career Services if you enter into employment at Utrecht University as a new international staff member or guest lecturer for at least one year.

If you would like to receive further information on Dual Career Services or to register your life partner, please contact the ISD by sending an email to

Child playing outside


If you have children up to the age of 18, you may be entitled to supplementary child benefit. This is a contribution towards the costs of your children.
Childcare facilities in the Netherlands are rather expensive, but people with lower or middle incomes can generally apply for an additional childcare benefit.

Please be aware that there are (long) waiting lists for schools and daycare.

Dutch education system:



Importing pets

If you wish to bring along your cat or dog, it will need its own pet passport. To obtain one, you must have a veterinarian in the country you're moving from, examine your pet. Read all about the procedure Importing pets.