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A.F. Monna Fund

In 2001, the A.F. Monna Fund was founded within the Utrecht University Fund for the benefit of the Mathematics Institute. This was done by Adriaan Monna, son of former Utrecht-based mathematics professor Antonie F. Monna (1909-1995). The goal of the fund is to improve research and education in mathematics.

Since 2002, the A.F. Monna Fund primarily enables two kinds of activities:

  • The annual "Monna lecture" in the general colloquium. This is a festive lecture for a general mathematics audience by a renowned mathematician.
  • Providing mobility scholarships for students. This concerns reimbursements of travel or accommodation expenses of Bachelor's and Master's students of mathematics in regards to a research project, or participation in a workshop, a conference, or a competition.

After more than 15 years, the A.F. Monna Fund still contributes to the broadening of horizons of the mathematics students of Utrecht University. Adriaan Monna has this to say on that: “My father has worked at the Mathematics Institute with much satisfaction and in a friendly atmosphere. The Mathematics Institute and the Utrecht University Fund are very meticulous with the resources. Even though it wasn't my intention, I experience a lot of satisfaction from the Named Fund. It's fun to donate in your lifetime.”

Would you like to co-finance this fund? You can read more on the A.F. Monna Fund, the initiatives supported by the A.F. Monna Fund and how you can contribute below.