University College Utrecht or University College Roosevelt

University College Utrecht (UCU) and University College Roosevelt (UCR) are the international honours colleges of Utrecht University. They have their own selection procedure, and students wishing to take courses here will be submitted to these criteria. Both look for talented and motivated students with a broad interest and good to excellent grades. A careful selection takes place after all applications have been received. Approval from the home university does not guarantee exchange students acceptance at UCU or UCR.

The additional application requirements for UCU or UCR are:

  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Motivation letter in which you explain why you would like to be placed at UCU or UCR (both academic and personal reasons).
Students are required to take the full-time course load of 4 courses per semester. It is not possible to choose (1-3) separate courses at UCU or UCR.
Both colleges have their own campus with academic buildings and student housing. Students who are accepted by either UCU or UCR have to live on campus. At UCU student rooms are furnished and meals are provided in a central dining facility.

Please note that University College Roosevelt is not located in Utrecht, but in Middelburg which is a 2-hour train ride from Utrecht!

Please also note that UCU and UCR have a different academic calendar than Utrecht University. For this reason it is not possible to combine courses at UCU or UCR with courses at other faculties of UU.