Human-Centred Computing Lab

Part of the ideation lab

Our human-centred computing lab offers state-of-the art facilities for prototyping interactive systems and conducting user studies. The lab is equipped with virtual reality, large screen, and mobile interaction devices. A full tangible interface prototyping pipeline is available with tools, 3D printing, CNC and laser cutting capabilities. Electronics prototyping facilities at different levels of integration are available. Multiple robots are available for HRI work. A dedicated study space with recording capabilities is used for experiments. The lab also includes five workstations equipped with eye-tracking hardware, which enable conducting experiments and eye-tracking workshops. In two separate rooms, the lab offers a ‘home-style’ environment for conducting user studies and a ‘heavy-duty’ workshop for prototype work.

For more information, contact Dr. Christof van Nimwegen

Motion Capture and Virtual Reality Lab

Photo of motion capture and virtual reality lab

A unique lab that aims to develop technology for human-like digital humans for socially interactive experiences. We do not only aim to develop the technology but also aim to evaluate our results taking a human-centric approach.

About the Motion Capture and Virtual Reality Lab