Balance matters: biodiversity and nutrient stoichiometry

Credit: Franziska Tanneberger

Ecological stoichiometry is about the balance of energy and elements in environment and organisms. In the Anthropocene the balance between the essential elements carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus has been altered. Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, anthropogenic modification has raised atmospheric CO2 concentrations from 280 to more than 400 ppm and the rate at reactive nitrogen enters the terrestrial biosphere had doubled whereas phosphorus inputs to the environment have more than doubled. These modifications comprise perturbations of the global ecosystems that may exceed the planetary boundaries that define a safe operating space for humanity. Increased bioavailability of C, N and P has direct impacts on terrestrial plant community functioning and diversity. We study the biogeochemical cycling of these nutrients and how changes in the bioavailability and balance affect the persistence or disappearance of plant species.



  • NWO-GO
  • NWO Biodiversity,
  • UU
  • Chinese Scholarship


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