Research and IT

Our mission is to improve the quality of research through facilitating solid data management from collection tot publication

ITS provides several IT services, tools and infrastructure to support Utrecht University researchers in their work.

Scientific research produces ever larger amounts of datasets that are increasingly complex. Our mission is to facilitate an environment in which research data of all kinds can be stored safely and in line with policies on academic integrity and intellectual property. We offer, or can guide you to, services that support the effective and responsible use of data.

We supply the necessary IT technology. But we also provide more general consulting services that deal with budgetary, legal, organizational and security aspects of research data management.

Examples of what we offer in research support are data management planning,  project costing and management, research data repositories, computing platforms , High Performance Computing (HPC), electronic lab notebooks, laboratory information management systems, and security tooling.

When designing a data infrastructure for a research group, we will find the best IT environment for their innovative research.

In 2016, Utrecht University established the Research IT innovation programme. The programme allows extra investments to be made in IT for researchers for a five-year period. 

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