FAIR Research IT

Our ambition is to provide the best quality of Research IT that complies the FAIR principles, to support all researchers at Utrecht University.

Scientific researchers face new and complex challenges in their work. To help researchers with these challenges, Utrecht University offers the best quality of FAIR Research IT. We do this with existing and with tools, services and infrastructure to be developed. Structural and large-scale solutions, with an emphasis on repeatability, so that solutions and knowledge previously figured out or developed can be easily reused by others. The new tools, services or infrastructure should comply with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles.

The FAIR Research IT programme will contribute, in close conjunction with the Utrecht University Library, IT Services, Student & Academic Affairs Office and the Faculties to join on the sustainable alignment with international, national or regional changes in the FAIR Research IT Infrastructure context.

Within the collaboration the programme will enable the transfer of operationally viable deliverables and eventually carve out activities from the programme to the existing organization.

Building blocks together

Research IT-value can come from building blocks derived from any ideation process that is available within faculties, support departments, consortia partners, communities, life cycle management, formal yearly planning or a specific research project. The objective is to create a continuing research IT cycle of ideation, development, deployment and maintaining. This cycle needs to fit with the governance of the organization of Utrecht University and supports the further development of a Digital Competences Center.

Examples of what we contribute to research support are project costing, research IT roadmapping, research IT infrastructure development through research data repositories, search environments, computing platforms, High Performance Computing (HPC), electronic lab notebooks, laboratory information management systems, and specific tooling.

FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund

In 2022, Utrecht University established the FAIR Research IT programme. The programme allows extra investments to be made in IT for researchers for a four-year period. To support research teams with a grant, the FAIR Research IT Innovation Fund was established.

More information

Find more information about open science or visit the Research Data Management Support website for information about support, advice and assistance with data management, data analysis, research software and code. On the FAIR Research IT Programme website you will find more (background) information about the ambition of the programme, the programme proposal and more.


For general questions regarding the programme, please send an email to: FAIRResearchIT@uu.nl