Education and IT

Innovation is key to our work in this area

The Information and Technology Services department provides and maintains a wide range of educational tools and systems for the more than 30,000 students at Utrecht University and their professors. The aim is to make it easier for them to work, learn and teach through the effective use of information technology.

In order to support our education programmes, keep our data secure and our community connected, we work with the latest technologies, applications and devices.

Adding value in education

Innovation is also key to our work in this area. Through our Educate-it programme, we stimulate and assist teaching staff in integrating blended learning – such as e-lectures (Lecturenet) and e-assessment tools and games – into their lectures and classes.

All of our educational projects are developed in collaboration with faculties, staff and students, and our partners at the university’s Academic Affairs Office. We also have strong working relationships with our suppliers for the development of new software and other programme tooling.