Projects and Consultancy

Early involvement of our project managers ensures you get the optimal results you want – on time, and on budget.

ITS continuously invests in innovative IT for Utrecht University, and has a project portfolio that is always in motion.

These projects cover technical innovation as well as functional development, and run the range from setting up new HR portals and upgrading our data warehouse to developing new research tools. The diversity in our project portfolio illustrates our commitment to making optimal use of IT innovations that support research, teaching and learning in the broadest sense of the word.

Before a project starts, it is reviewed to ensure that it supports university policy and can be implemented in the existing technical environment. Every project is judged on feasibility and its financial framework, and progress is constantly monitored.

Our project managers are trained in several project management approaches. They can not only provide expert advice, for instance in selecting the method best suited for a project, but can also lead a project from start to finish. Early involvement of our project managers ensures you get the optimal results you want – on time, and on budget.

If necessary, we can tap into the expertise of trusted external partners to complement our own, and also provide consultancy and management to smoothly facilitate any changes or transitions that a project may involve.

To get a better idea of our activities in this area, read more below about some of the projects we are currently working on in this small sample from our project portfolio.

Sample of current projects

With the development of e-assessment facilities we aim to improve the quality and increase the diversity of exams, organise assessments more efficiently and effectively, and make it acces accessible for large-scale exams. We are developing an assessment catalogue with different digital tools for assessments, all designed to help the faculties with their educational and organisational ambitions when it comes to exams. Making use of a several hundred Chromebooks, we will also create a digital exam room. The e-assessment project is part of the Educate-IT programme.


With this project our Identity and Access Management (IAM) is redesigned technically in order to integrate and connect it to current and new systems. This will be based on the architecture of ITS and the security policies of the university. We also make sure maintenance is adjusted accordinglt to this new IAM. The ttechnical changes won't be noticeable for users, but because of this new design we will be able to introduce new facilities such as password ageing and multi-factor authentication. Also, realisation of future connections between systems will be quicker and more budget efficient.

Sharepoint 2013

With the migration of Sharepoint 2010 to Sharepoint 2013 we aim to reduce monthly maintenance and administrative costs, to replace custom design with a standardised functionality, and also to improve performance and usability. Examples of better usability are improved search engines, better support of Sharepoint for mobile devices and the implementation of a drag-and-drop option.


Pure is the Research Information System (RIS) of the Utrecht University and is the replacement of Metis. Pure offers researchers a current and complete list of their publications through automatic publication retrieval. It also creates personalised CV’s for researchers. Pure enables research managers to quickly and easily have access to the accurate data on the Utrecht research for reporting, evaluations, feedback and reviews.

Online Communication Platform (OCP)

The Online Communication Platform is a platform on which the university's departments can communicate quicker, more accessible, clearer and as one organisation with the university's target groups. Together with the faculties and departments we have worked to renew all information and the look and feel of the website. In addition the website is made responsive to smartphones and tablets. Part of the OCP is a new organisation dedicated to provide potential bachelor and master students, current students, employees and visitors with the information they need.

Digital Work and Study Spot (programme)

The way we study, teach, research and work is changing, because we always want to be online with different devices and still have safe access to all our software and data. Utrecht University aims to provide the best support for all these wishes with the Digital Work and Study Spot programme. Within this programme we and our partners at the faculties and Academic Affairs department are developing IT services that allow you to work and study any place, any time and on any device. It is not the workplace that is central in our ambitions, but the person. We want you to be able to work and study as flexible, safe and online as you want.

Wi-Fi expansion

The goal of the Wi-Fi project is to improve the university's wireless network and to meet the current and future Wi-Fi demand of students and employees. The current wireless network was introduced in 2009 and was mainly used on laptops. With the recent growth in smartphone and tablet users, the network requires more capacity. With this project we have updated the Wi-Fi network in almost all educational university buildings. All other buildings, offices and labs will follow soon. Our wireless network has gone through a large growth in usage; from nearly a 2000 devices to more than 14.000 devices now.