IT Academy

"The purpose of the IT Academy is to help university employees deliver an optimal performance."

IT Academy offers IT courses, training programmes and workshops for all staff members at Utrecht University, to help them use university IT tools more effectively in their daily work, whether this concerns research, teaching or support activities.



Visit the UU Development Guide for an overview of the current courses of the IT Academy (employees only). 

According to demand

We organise training programmes according to demand. Aside from the standard selection, tailored arrangements are also possible, where we discuss the demand for learning with a section or team, and look at what approach best suits the everyday activities of the staff members. The costs for participants are kept as low as possible. For advice or a tailored arrangement, please contact IT Academy (for employees only)


The IT academy is an initiative of the Department of Information and Technology Services (ITS) in cooperation with other organisational units of the university. The purpose of the IT Academy is to help university employees deliver an optimal performance.