Our mission

We are dedicated to providing students, employees, and teaching and research staff with a professional IT community that enables them to perform to the best of their abilities. We aim for innovation, and proactively seek ongoing collaboration with our partners at the forefront of Utrecht University’s educational and research activities.

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Being customer-oriented
  • A harmonic combination of governance and innovation
  • Being reliable and guaranteeing high-quality IT
  • Securing university data

Core values

In addition to the university’s core values of ambition, inspiration, commitment and independence, we as an IT community place great value on openness, expertise, cooperation, and on being a learning organisation.


As an IT community, our aim is to move away from simply providing "back–office" support, and to participate at the forefront of Utrecht University in facilitating excellent education and innovative research. We do so by directly collaborating with employees, students and teaching and research staff regarding what they want and need in modern IT technology. By making such technology accessible to them – and establishing outstanding support of primary processes and management – we aim to ensure that the working and learning environment at Utrecht University is effective and appealing.


Our future ambitions are presented in a bi-annual IT strategic plan (Dutch only) and the IT strategy flyer (both Dutch and English). The plan currently in place extends to 2020. It summarises our mission to be at the forefront of IT developments and deliver high-level IT for our students, staff and visitors, as well as our dedication to working together with the IT community to proactively develop new tools to make the university an even more attractive work environment.

Management Team

Carolien Besselink - CIO, Director of IT
Carolien Besselink, directeur ITS

Since 2012 Carolien Besselink holds the position of Chief Information Officer and director of Information and Technology Services at Utrecht University. She has worked in IT environments in private and public organisations for more than 25 year and has extensive management experience in the field of governance, IT and change, innovation, operations and auditing. “With IT we can really enhance the quality of research and education at our university. To achieve this, I promote a proactive attitude from all IT people and deep knowledge of business issues as well as technical possibilities.”

Folkert-Jan de Groot - Head of Applications

Within the cluster Applications the following IT departments work together:

  • Education Services
  • Research and Data Management Services 
  • Administration Services
  • Communication Services


Joost Peetoom - Head of Administration

ITS Administration is responsible for administrative processes, among others:

  • IT project portfolio management
  • Supplier management
  • Lawful purchase of IT resources
  • Information security policies
  • ITIL process management
  • Management and office support
Henk Verkolf - Head of Infrastructure a.i.

Within the cluster infrastructure the following IT departments work together:

  • Service Management and Architectural Services
  • Digital Communication Services
  • Central Systems Services
  • User Collaboration Services
  • Identity and Security Services
  • Test and Quality Services
  • Support and Monitoring Services

Department Managers

Jacqueline van Besouw - Support and Monitoring Services
  • IT Service Desk, Local support, Selfservice and IT-desks
  • Support for all IT-services at the UU 
Veroniek Blommaert-Verwer - Business Intelligence, Integration and Online Services
  • Functional management university websites
  • Topdesk
  • Business Intelligence
Guido de Bresser - Identity and Security Services
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Data protection and information security
Folkert-Jan de Groot - Research and Data Management Services 

Research and Data Management Services 

Rosanne den Hartog - User Collaboration Services

Provides all Office 365 and Mac Support

Esther Kemps - Education Services
  • Digital study environment and blended learning
  • Managing educational systems such as Blackboard, Osiris and Syllabus
  • E-assessments
  • E-lectures
Alice van Leussen - Test and Quality Services

Provides services in the field of testing and quality for the other IT departments:

  • Testing
  • Testcoordination
  • Automation & Tooling
  • User eXperience (UX) & Usability
  • Business Analysis & Requirements Engineering
  • Product & Process Quality Assurance
Ron Mast - Digital Communication Services

Provides all network and telephony services of the UU, both fixed and wireless, and provides the telephony devices.

Peter Scheeren - Service Management and Architectural Services
Peter Scheeren ITS
  • Service Level Management of ITS services
  • Entry point for requests for new ITS services
  • IT Infrastructure architecture
  • Project management for IT infrastructure projects


Mariëlle Tonk - Administration Services
  • Financial systems
  • Expense portals
  • HR portals
  • Systems for electronical voting
  • Document management
  • Registration of chemicals
Wouter Wierenga - Central Systems Services
  • Wired and wireless network
  • E-mail infrastructures
  • Hosting and housing of datacentres