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The Faculty of Humanities encompasses the disciplines of history, art, philosophy, music, literature, language, religion and media. Our education and research are primarily aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the Netherlands and Europe in a rapidly changing social and cultural context. Read more about our profile.


17 January 2017
In this book, Wim Denslagen explores how travellers described the cityscapes of London, Paris and New York, three world capitals admired for their beauty.
13 January 2017
Mayke de Jong and Irene van Renswoude edited a special issue in which they explore the public debate in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Western society.
Radio garden
13 January 2017
The online platform Radio Garden allows users to explore an interactive globe filled with radio’s past and present.


© iStockphoto.com/lubilub
20 January 2017 09:30 - 16:30
On the 20th of January Holocaust memorial day will be held at Utrecht University.
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27 January 2017 14:30 - 15:45
Sem de Maagt analyses and offers a partial defense of a so-called Kantian constructivist account of morality.
30 January 2017 09:15 - 17:15
Ecogames are imaginative spaces for playing and learning, expressing often contested moral and political values.

Faculty of Humanities