PhD Programmes

Utrecht University is one of the best research universities in Europe, and we give talented researchers every opportunity to develop. Around 150 PhD candidates are active within the Graduate School of Humanities. The faculty has different types of PhD positions. Several dozen candidates obtain their PhD every year.


As a PhD candidate, you carry out your own research, resulting in a doctoral thesis. You will also follow an educational progamme aimed at academic professionalisation and improving your personal effectiveness. The courses in this programme focus on research-related subjects, such as developing and formulating the problem definition of your own research, and on skills related to personal development, such as managing your work relationships and effective communication.


In order to enable PhD candidates to evolve into leading researchers, the Graduate School of Humanities places a considerable emphasis on effective supervision during the PhD phase. We have, for example, a special PhD candidate mentor to whom PhD candidates may turn for coaching and advice on matters such as their relationship with their supervisor, fear of failure, staying on top of your schedule, etcetera.

Supervision tips

The Graduate School also supports PhD candidates and their supervisors by providing advice and checklists on important subjects such as: What is expected of a PhD candidate? What components should a dissertation contain? How can supervisors prevent problems during the course of the PhD programme?

PhD Candidate Consultation

To ensure that the supervision and teaching at the Graduate School meet the needs of the PhD candidates, there is a PhD council. In addition, Utrecht University has Prout (Promovendi Overleg Utrecht), a network representing PhD candidates from throughout the university.

Are you interested in obtaining a PhD position?

Read more about the opportunities.

Are you a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities?

On the intranet you will find important information you need during your PhD project, including regulations and forms, supervision and support, courses, supervision tips.

Are you an external PhD candidate?

If you have no Solis ID, please contact the research coordinator of your research institute for more information.