Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We strive for a safe environment in which we appreciate and utilise differences

At Humanities, we want everyone to feel at home and we think that everyone should have equal opportunities to develop, regardless of gender, sexuality, sex, religion, race/ethnicity, orientation, cultural background, nationality, neurotype or physical disability. We strive for a safe environment in which we appreciate and utilise differences in order to maximise possibilities for creativity, innovation and talent development.

We recognise that a diverse and inclusive organisation is of fundamental importance for equal opportunities and rights. It contributes to the fight against social and economic inequality, and it reduces prejudices and stigmatisation in society. We think that diversity among staff and students is of added value to our faculty: it enriches debate in our education, it improves our research, it enhances our teams, and it results in more understanding of and for the variety in our society.

    equality, diversity & inclusion. 1. Equality refers to equal opportunities for all and combatting discrimination. 2. Diversity refers to recognizing, respecting and valuing differences between people. 3. Inclusion refers to an university community where everyone is valued and feels at home.

    Our faculty is committed to contribute to the realisation of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion within Utrecht University, and makes important contributions to various projects and initiatives:

    Working Group EDI Humanities

    In order to make further concrete steps, the Faculty of Humanities has founded an internal Working Group Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Humanities, which works on various themes involving equality, diversity and inclusion, such as: intake and transfer of (future) students, and recruitment and selection of staff members.

    You can find the members of the working group on the intranet and you can contact them via email: edi.gw@uu.nl.