The Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities is a joint collaboration of all seven Faculties at Utrecht University. The Descartes Centre contributes to the social and political debate by critically reflecting on the foundations and the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the role of rhetoric in these processes.


6 December 2018
Wanted: papers for the Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society 2019 at Utrecht.
29 November 2018
Back in time with the Utrecht Time Machine: residents asked to help
4 June 2018
Frederic Kaplan's Time Machine FET Flagship CSA proposal, which the Descartes Center co-authored, may continue to the second round.
Bron: Wikimedia Commons
28 July 2017
Open Access journal Early Modern Low Countries (EMLC) offers a home to state-of-the-art academic scholarship on any aspect of the early modern Low Countries.


19 December 2018 15:30 - 17:30
On 19 December a special edition of the Descartes Centre colloquium takes place with several speakers and drinks afterwards
24 January 2019 09:30 - 25 January 2019 16:30
On 24 and 25 January 2019 the Philosophy Department organises a workshop on varieties of understanding in science.
Areas of expertise: history of science | philosophy of science | knowledge society | scientific integrity | research funding | disciplines and interdisciplinarity | university history