Utrecht University was founded in 1636. Discover more about our rich history:

History of Utrecht University

Dies Natalis 1906

Including the 7th-century seminary of Saint Willibrord, the ‘Illustre School’ of 1634, the Dies Natalis of Utrecht University (26 March 1636), the first female student (Anna Maria van Schurman, 1607-1678), the first female professor (Johanna Westerdijk, appointed in 1916), the imminent closure in the 19th century and expansion in the 20th century.

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History of the Humanities buildings

Several buildings still contain traces of their medieval origins. In the interiors and on the facades, many style elements have been preserved from later centuries, ranging from Renaissance to Art Nouveau. The University Library City Centre was built during the French occupation as a palace for King Louis Napoleon.

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History of Utrecht University Hall

The oldest part of the University Hall (the Auditorium) was completed in 1462. It was here that the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1579. In 1886 the University became the owner of the building: it was a gift from the citizens and the province of Utrecht on the occasion of the University’s 250th birthday. Of special (art) historical interest is the professors portrait series in the Senaatszaal.

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Catalogus Professorum

Senaatszaal in het Academiegebouw

All professors since 1636.