The Utrecht Digital Humanities Lab aims to further the application and development of information technologies in the humanities. It explores the cultural and social impact of new media and information technologies, and applies these technologies in different research domains in the humanities. Research subjects include digital identity and citizenship; computational linguistics and digital learning; and games, play and identity. In addition, the Lab focuses on the development, design and support of technical infrastructures for research in the humanities.


1 September 2017
Ryad and Lange received a grant to organise a KNAW colloquium to advance research in Arabo-Muslim Digital Humanities and Cultural Analytics.
1-Delaram Ashtari, 2-Moozhan Shakeri, 3-Gabriele Ferri, 4-Sjors Martens
23 June 2017
A report of the Participatory Urban Interfaces conference on technology and city design that took place in Utrecht on 14 June.
25 April 2017
The Utrecht Data School developed the Data Ethics Decision Aid (DEDA) to trace ethical issues in data projects.