Accelerating the development of digital methods

The Centre for Digital Humanities is currently being established as an interdisciplinary centre for research and education in computational and/or data-driven methods in the humanities. The Centre for Digital Humanities aspires to accelerate and support the development of these digital methods, in order to gain new insights in all of the humanities.


Computer punch card detail. Foto: Flickr/NeilHester
13 February 2019
The Dataworkplace connects the world of governments with the world of research and education.
A woman is reading, the chambermaid brings tea, 1775 by Pehr Hilleström
21 February 2018
READ-IT: READING EUROPE ADVANCED DATA INVESTIGATION TOOL combines interdisciplinary expertise of several institutions across Europe.
1 September 2017
Ryad and Lange received a grant to organise a KNAW colloquium to advance research in Arabo-Muslim Digital Humanities and Cultural Analytics.