Ronald van Kempen Human Geography and Spatial Planning Fund

Goal: stimulate PhD and postdoc research in the field of Human Geography and Spatial Planning
Founded by: the faculty of Geosciences, in honour of Prof. Dr. Ronald van Kempen

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How to donate
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The Ronald van Kempen Human Geography and Spatial Planning Fund provides funding that allows the faculty of Geoscience to offer young scientific staff additional development opportunities in the early stages of their careers. The named fund was established by Prof. P. Hoekstra in memory of Prof. Ronald van Kempen and his work for the university as a teacher, professor, former dean and social geographer.

Who are eligible for scholarships?

Young scientific staff of the UU or staff employed by the UU. By giving them the opportunity to gain foreign experience, they develop teaching and research skills. They can then use these skills in their work at the UU.
The fund awards one scholarship per year. This is half of the funds needed to gain foreign experience, with a maximum of 14,000 euros. These scholarships are awarded via the Faculty of Geosciences.