The Reserved Acommodation for international UU students is currently fully booked. However, we strongly advise you to register with SSH Reserved Accommodation anyway. This helps us to keep track of the demand for housing and enables us to inform you if any additional housing options become available. Also read our pages with tips and tricks on other ways to find accommodation.

Utrecht is one of the most popular university cities in the Netherlands, so the demand for student housing is very high. Typically, as a student in the Netherlands you rent a room in a flat or house where you live with other students and share facilities like the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine.

Housing in Utrecht

Arrange housing as soon as possible!

Our university does not own any student accommodation. We have an agreement with a housing corporation thats reserves accommodation for Erasmus and Exchange students, SSH Reserved Accommodation. Since, finding a room in Utrecht can be a real challenge, it is most important that you arrange a room as soon as you start planning to study in Utrecht. 

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