Cycling Crash Course

In this series of videos you can learn some of the basics on what you need to succeed while you cycle to class (and everywhere else)! 

Lesson 1: About your bike

Cycling in Utrecht can be daunting, but before you even start venturing out there are several things that your bike must have.

Lesson 2: Parking

Considering that there are 1.3 bicycles in average per person in The Netherlands (22.3 million bicycles in total ) and over 125.000 cyclists during the working day in Utrecht, finding a parking spot can always be a challenge (as can finding your bicycle afterwards).

Lesson 3: Rules of the road

Before hopping on your bike and pedaling away, there are few basic rules you should know. There are some signs and rules typical to only Dutch bike lanes you might not had come across before. Biking is an inseparable part of living in The Netherlands, therefore you should know how to do it right!



Before you arrive:

  • Practise riding a bike before you get here. Riding a bike here has been described as participating in the Tour de France for normal riders, bringing up your skill level cannot hurt.
  • Do some further YouTube research on what to expect (e.g. Utrecht Bike Rush Hour).

When you are here:

  • Buy a used bike that does not look too new or expensive, as bike theft is rather common. Buying two very good locks is a must.
  • Buy detachable bike lights and a rain suit.
  • Stick to the bike paths.
  • Do not swerve or suddenly stop on a bike path.
  • Always lock your bikeframe and frontwheel, with at least two locks.
  • Add an eye-catching detail so your bike will stand out in a sea of parked bikes