What is the student card for?

You should carry the student card with you when you are at the university. You can also use it for student discounts. Whenever you use any university facility (e.g. attend lectures, sit examinations or visit the library), you may be asked to produce your student card. If requested, you must also be able to show another valid form of ID (e.g. passport).

How to apply for your student card?

You need: 

  • your UU student number and password. You will receive your password by e-mail approximately two months before the start of your programme. 
  • a photo.
  • home address in the Netherlands.

Step 1: Upload a photo

  1. Go to www.uu.nl/osirisstudent.
  2. Log on with your student number and your password.
  3. Go to ‘Personal details’ and at the bottom of the page, click the ‘Upload passport photo’ button*. Please note: Your photo will be printed on your student card!
  4. The file you upload has to meet the following requirements:
    • the type has to be a .JPEG or .JPG
    • the size has to be 100 KB or less
    • the proportion has to be 3:4 (width/height)
    • the width should be at least 200 pixels at the most 600 pixels
  5. After selecting a file:
    • click the ‘Upload passport photo’ button to see an example of the photo you have selected;
    • click the 'Save' button to end the session properly.

Step 2: Add your personal details

Important! A photo needs to be uploaded before you can change your personal details!

  1. Go to ‘Personal details’ and at the bottom of the page, click the ‘Update address’ button.
  2. Add your ‘Home address’ details in the Netherlands’ in the column 'Study address' and your student card will be sent to this address. Please note: If you add a foreign address your card will not be sent.
  3. Click on the 'Save' button.

Step 3: Registration

  1. Register here to apply for/request your student card.

Are you having technical problems?

  • Check your browser. With Explorer and FireFox you should be able to access Osiris.
  • Reset your Solis password: www.uu.nl/password
  • If you are having problems with your Solis password e-mail: ict-servicedesk@uu.nl
  • Problems with uploading your photo or error message(s) e-mail Student Services: studentservices@uu.nl

* Your photo will be stored securely within the administrative systems of Utrecht University. This system can only be consulted by authorized employees. The photo will not be viewable or usable by third parties.