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De Universiteit Utrecht organiseert op 17 april 2024 een multidisciplinaire PhD-conferentie over digitale arbeidsplatformen. We nodigen promovendi en andere jonge wetenschappers van harte uit om deel te nemen. Het doel van de conferentie is om de veelzijdige uitdagingen en kansen rondom digitale werk/arbeidplatformen te verkennen. We willen jonge wetenschappers uit verschillende disciplines samenbrengen.

De voertaal van deze conferentie en van dit bericht is Engels:

We've curated three distinct streams:

  1. AI and Digital Labour Platforms
  2. Worker Participation and Governance
  3. Regulation of Digital Labour Platforms

Ever-growing gig economy

The conference features three keynote presentations followed by three thematic streams, each accommodating up to eight participants for research presentations, feedback, and dialogue. Senior scholars will assess final papers and lead discussions. Selected papers will have the chance to be part of a special issue in a multidisciplinary journal or an edited volume.

There is a strong focus on building an academic and social network for the involved PhD students. In this conference, we focus on the challenges and opportunities arising from digital labour platforms within an ever-growing gig economy. An important element to this is the precarious position of workers within the platform economy, emphasising the need for robust protections. Also, we turn our attention to the crucial role played by artificial intelligence, algorithmic management, and data storage in shaping the governance and functioning of digital labour platforms. The ethical, legal, and societal implications of these technologies are essential for understanding the dynamics of digital labour platforms

This conference is made possible through the support of PlatWork-R, PhD Network Governing the Digital Society, and the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe: RENFORCE

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