PhD Network

This Special Interest Group (SIG) is by and for the PhD researchers associated with the focus area Governing the Digital Society. The aim is to support PhD researchers in their current projects, to explore the intersections of their respective disciplines and fields, build bridges through interdisciplinary collaboration, and generally foster a welcoming, supporting, and productive PhD community.


Themes and questions

We are working on PhD projects with a broader relevance across the humanities, law, social sciences, and information sciences. Our projects cover topics such as algorithmic governance in municipalities, ethnicity in governmental data sets, social media and fundamental human rights, alternative social media and democracy, data monopolies and competition law, and social media platform architecture and platform governance.

Together, we form an interdisciplinary group of researchers with projects in the fields of digital media studies, competition law, human rights law, critical data studies, governance studies, and critical race studies. At the centre of our research – and in line with the overall aims of the focus area – are questions about the social processes and mechanisms of datafication, algorithmisation, and platformisation.

Envisioned activities

Envisioned activities of the SIG include a research colloquium where members can discuss readings around topics of common interest, discuss each other’s writings, and invite occasional guests. In the past, we held a successful interdisciplinary research colloquium with colleagues at the Institute for Information Law (IViR).

We also hope to foster further collaborations, such as by submitting collaborative proposals for panels or presentations at conferences relevant to our respective fields and for writing or publishing together.

Finally, we organise casual social and networking events for PhD and (other) early career researchers to grow a network and reach out to relevant organisations in society.

If you would like to get in touch, contact us via