Knee joint preservation

Our research aims to create and improve clinical applications for knee joint preservation and to increase understanding of the underlying processes. We combine clinical, translational and more fundamental research, and always aim to improve patient care.

For example, we optimize outcomes of malalignment surgery by improving surgical planning and perform clinical trials to evaluate new treatments. Furthermore, we investigate cell-based cartilage repair using autologous recycled chondrons supplemented with allogeneic MSCs from the cell therapy facility in a phase III trial, and study ways to expand this treatment to other fields or refine the treatment by studying underlying mechanisms in the lab.

Our research can be divided in two different lines:

  1. Biological knee preservation
    Here we use cells, growth factors and other biological stimuli to treat cartilage defects, osteoarthritis, or meniscus injury. We have a successful collaboration between the bench and the bedside that has led to the translation of IMPACT cell therapy for cartilage defects, which is currently in phase III clinical trials. We also work on osteoarthritis (evaluation of platelet-rich-plasma) and work together with industry to test novel cartilage cell therapies (e.g. ACTIVE study).
  2. Knee joint alignment
    Malalignment of the lower extremity (varus or valgus) significantly contributes to the development of unicompartmental osteoarthritis due to overloading one tibiofemoral compartment. An osteotomy is an established treatment for relatively young and active patients with an early stage of unicompartmental osteoarthritis, by shifting the mechanical load from the affected to the unaffected compartment. In this research line we focus on optimizing osteotomies by improving the preoperative planning and performing a randomized controlled trial to potentially reduce postoperative pain (AXOS study).





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Roel Custers

PI / Orthopedic surgeon


Principal Investigator, orthopedic surgeon

Jasmijn Korpershoek

Postdoc / LinkedIn

Translational cartilage and meniscus regeneration

Nienke van Egmond

Orthopedic Surgeon


Orthopedic surgeon

Eva Bax

PhD Candidate


Optimizing osteotomies around the knee

Chien Nguyen

PhD Candidate


Osteotomies around the knee/ 3D implants

Goran van der Weiden

PhD Candidate


Osteochondritis dissecans / ACTIVE study

Linda Kornegoor

Trial Coordinator