Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht

The Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht brings all disciplines under one roof

The Utrecht Science Park is a vibrant and inspirational environment for those who work to improve our health and quality of life. Utrecht University (the Faculties of Science and Veterinary Medicine), UMC Utrecht, the Hubrecht Institute, and numerous startups are located at the 300-hectare area east of Utrecht. This provides our community with access to a solid foundation of developmental and stem cell/organoid biology, as well as (human and animal) patient cohorts.

The Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht

Regenerative Medicine Utrecht (RMU) fosters open innovation and close collaboration between academia, business and government. To facilitate innovation in this interdisciplinary field, the majority of our researchers works together in the Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht, which shares a building with the Hubrecht Institute.

The close proximity, shared resources and facilities, enhance daily interaction and collaboration, and strengthen connections to the clinic. Watch the video below to get an impression of our location!