Medical care

At UMC Utrecht, Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells is one of the six strategic themes. This makes the clinics are an important pillar for Regenerative Medicine Utrecht: doctors and researchers are working together to bring fundamental science from bench to bedside.

For more information about the UMC Utrecht strategic theme Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells, please visit the official website of UMC Utrecht.

Clinical Studies

Do you want to participate in clinical research? Please, take a look at the overview of ongoing clinical trials at UMC Utrecht (Dutch). Our prime example of RMU in the clinics is the IMPACT study.

Moreover, RMU is represented in the Mobility Clinic and the Cardiovascular Center at UMC Utrecht.

Mobility Clinic, UMC Utrecht

The Mobility Clinic of UMC Utrecht is the academic expertise center for people with complex problems of the support and musculoskeletal system. Medical specialists from different departments work together in a multidisciplinary manner. As a result, almost all patients can count on a clear diagnosis and clear treatment advice after the first visit to the clinic. Read more on the official website of UMC Utrecht or watch the video (Dutch).

Cardiovascular Center, UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht is the central Cardiovascular Center of the Netherlands. Our mission is to play a leading role in reducing cardiovascular disease. We work on this every day during patient care, through scientific research and through education. Read more on the official website of UMC Utrecht or watch the video (Dutch).