CardioRenal Tissue Regeneration

Within the theme CardioRenal Tissue Regeneration, we focus on advanced heart failure and associated complications, including failing blood vessels and kidney disease.

Heart Disease

Heart disease accounts for 31% of all deaths, which makes it the most common cause for death in the world. Heart disease is often caused by a loss of heart cells, usually because of a heart attack or progressing heart failure. Despite advances in how we manage heart disease (lifestyle, medication, and interventions), heart disease is progressive, and there is an obvious need to do more than just manage symptoms.

Kidney Disease

There is no cure for kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is a serious and growing health care problem, as more and more patients suffer from diabetes, obesity and arteriosclerosis. Current therapies include controlling symptoms and reducing complications. For patients with end-stage kidney disease, dialysis and transplantation are the only options, and both are not without significant drawbacks.