Muscoloskeletal Tissue Regeneration

Within the theme Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration, we focus on bone and cartilage tissue engineering, and maxillofacial bone regeneration (the face, mouth, and jaws).

Damage and loss of cartilage and bone mass can occur at any age, due to injury, disease, trauma, or simply wear and tear. Traditional solutions include a prosthesis, which are made from metal and have a limited lifespan. This often results in revision surgery, which is expensive and risky.

In Utrecht, we are working towards alternative approaches. In general, we follow two different strategies:

  1. We aim to coax our bodies to regenerate themselves, for instance with mechanical stimuli, or the help of intelligent scaffolds (e.g., joint distraction, or 3D printing of better prostheses).
  2. We are fabricating and cultivating tissue in the laboratory, which we are trying to optimize for transplantation (i.e., biofabrication).

Research groups