Designer Biomaterials

Aging population forces millions of people to undergo implant surgery for total hip and knee replacement, scoliosis, maxillofacial fixation, and traumatic condition. However, many of these implants fail due to: 

  1. implant loosening: lack of necessary new bone formation to repair large bone defects or suitable integration with the existing bone and;
  2. implant-associated infection, despite a novel engineering design, sterilized operating theatre environment, and prophylaxis antibiotic therapy.

Our research primarily concerns the designing and synthesizing of new biomaterials. We particularly utilize a combination of additive manufacturing, surface engineering, and controlled drug delivery through micro/nanoencapsulation to treat bone and joint disease. In the last five years, our group has initiated a novel line of research in which we study different surface bio-functionalization strategies to achieve optimal implants, offering multiple functionalities to prevent implant failures.

What if we could make implants last longer?

Right now, infection is one of the major complications in implant surgeries, decreasing quality of life and increasing healthcare cost. Functional biomaterials that can be used as an antibacterial coating for implants may help to overcome this issue.

Our team devotes their time and energy to the refinement of these materials, that have the potential to increase implant longevity. Watch the pitch by associate professor Saber Amin Yavari below to see how he aims to solve both patients’ and doctors’ problems!

Contact for internships

Dr. Saber Amin Yavari,


Designer Biomaterials Group




Additional info


Amin Yavari

Associate Professor

Principal Investigator, Group leader

Fatemeh Jahanmard


Nanoparticle-based coating for bone regeneration and implant related infection

Azin Khodaei


Advanced materials for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

Leonardo Cecotto

PhD candidate      

Multicellular in vitro model to monitor biomaterials bio-functionality

Pardis Keikhosravani

PhD candidate      

Immunomodulatory surfaces to prevent implant related infection

Zhengqing Zhu

PhD candidate

Surface engineering strategies to improve bone regeneration of orthopedic implant



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